Magnificent Mash-up: Historic Preservation with Improved Energy Efficiency

AltusWorks’ Scott Utter recently presented both the challenges and opportunities of integrating Energy Efficiency Measures (EEM’s) into historic landmark properties at AIA’s event “Sustainability Through Preservation: The Rebirth of Chicago’s Historic Buildings.” sponsored by the Committee on the Environment and Historic Resources Committee. Scott shared dramatic before/after photos and energy charts of AltusWorks’ award winning project at the Charles Gates Dawes House. Improvements to the 1895 National Register property enable the building to continue to serve the Evanston Historic Center and the community at large. Read full entry »

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Welcome Our New Business Manager

AltusWorks is pleased to announce Kylie Fitzgerald to our team as Business Manager.  Kylie manages AltusWorks’ financial and business administration functions including office operations, human resources, external resources and accounting activities. After obtaining her Bachelor’s degree in interior design, Kylie worked in the Design and Construction industry and before coming to AltusWorks; she was responsible for coordinating financials for telecommunication site acquisition projects for a large international engineering firm.  Her attention to detail, organizational skills, and focus on both internal resources and external clients and partners makes her instrumental in our ongoing growth. Read full entry »

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Welcome Madame Secretary!

Congratulations to AltusWorks’ team member, Kelsey Shipton, on her election to the board of the Western Great Lake Chapter (WGLC) of the Association for Preservation Technology (APT)! Beginning at the end of January, Kelsey will serve as the chapter’s secretary for a two-year term. APT “is a cross – disciplinary membership organization dedicated to promoting the best technology for conserving historic structures and their settings.” AltusWorks has been a corporate member of APTI for many years and was instrumental in getting the local chapter established in 2009. Read full entry »

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The Walls (Will Not) Come Tumbling Down…

Stabilized and shored in place, two of the 1887 walls of the northern Fulton Street Wholesale Market Company building are all that remain of the original structure. One of the first projects to be executed within the newly established Fulton Randolph Market Historic District, the historic facades will be supported by a new structure. Having worked closely with the design team and the City of Chicago Landmarks’ staff, AltusWorks was instrumental in negotiating the repair and restoration parameters of the historic walls and collaborated with the structural engineer and general contractor in the stabilization protocol until the new structure is erected.  Read full entry »

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As an active participant in Chicago’s vibrant craft brewing industry, AltusWorks – for the third time – was a proud sponsor of this year’s Festival of Barrel-Aged Beer (FOBAB) held at UIC’s Forum on November 20-21.   Hosted by the Illinois Craft Brewers Guild, the event typically attracts the nation’s largest selection of wood and barrel-aged beers and provides a rare opportunity for the public to taste all of these hard-to-find beers under one roof.  Needless-to-say, tickets sell out within minutes.  AltusWorks’ Ellen Stoner, Joa Backstrom, Matthew Imburgia and Carolyn Isaacson took part in the two- day event that totaled nearly 5,000 visitors and where the variety of barrel-aged beer was nothing short of spectacular! Read full entry »

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And the Award Goes to…

AltusWorks’ Associate, Scott Utter, spent a snowy Saturday November 21st evaluating renovated farmhouses, Prairie School homes, and greenhouses as a Jury member (for the second time) for the Oak Park Preservation Awards. The annual awards for eligible properties are divided into categories for Restoration, Rehabilitation, Adaptive Reuse, and Additions. Oak Park’s historic properties are considered to be an exceptional resource and the submitted projects demonstrated exactly that. Scott noted that the lively discussion between the Jurors on the depth of research and exceptional effort in the execution of each project was particularly absorbing and ensured that the best candidates were ultimately selected. Read full entry »

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Back to School!

At the end of October, AltusWorks’ Kelsey Shipton was invited back to her alma mater, the School of the Art Institute of Chicago, to participate in a brown bag lunch talk for students pursuing their Masters of Science degree in Historic Preservation.  The talk, one of a series hosted every year for current students, is an opportunity for them to ask recent graduates about their experiences during graduate school, and life after graduation including their current “real world” positions.  For Kelsey’s part, she shared about her involvement in the Positioning Pullman Ideas Workshop and the recent publication of Positioning Pullman Ideas Book, and discussed the immediate impact this document has had on an at-risk neighborhood just 20 minutes away from the SAIC campus. Read full entry »

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Swedes in Chicago II

Swedes again? AltusWorks’ Joakim Backstrom recently had the repeat pleasure of touring professionals from Sweden through our great City of Chicago.  This time, eight people from DREEM Arkitekter (, an architecture firm from Gothenburg, Sweden visited with U.S. colleagues to share professional insights, experience Chicago’s Architecture Biennial, and take in the “Birth-of-the-Highrise” walk-about in the Loop. Read full entry »

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Swedes in Chicago

As a native Swede who worked in Stockholm professionally, AltusWorks’ Joakim Backstrom often has the pleasure to serve as tour guide of our great City for visiting Swedish A/E firms.  True to form, he recently greeted about 25 people from the Structor Group ( who were motivated to experience Chicago’s Architecture Biennial.

Although the group toured, dined, and certainly enjoyed the best of Chicago; the business focus was high-rise construction.  To this end, Joakim arranged tours of two of the city’s most cutting edge designs. Read full entry »

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