Portage Park 1922

Six Corners National Register Nomination

AltusWorks is assisting the Six Corners Association in preparing a National Register District Nomination for the business district of the Portage Park neighborhood, much of which was built between 1900 and 1930. The Six Corners are the intersection of Irving Park Road and Cicero and Milwaukee Avenues. Through research and review of historic maps, building permits and photographs, as well as visual surveys and documentation of the neighborhood, AltusWorks is working with the Association and the Illinois Historic Preservation Agency to determine the area’s eligibility for the National Register. Once deemed eligible, AltusWorks will prepare a nomination for the 60-building district containing a detailed history of the neighborhood, dates of construction of contributing buildings, and boundaries of the contributing area.

AltusWorks, Inc. posted this on 4/4/12 in Community Work.