Joakim Bäckström serves as tour guide for visiting Swedish architects and engineers

Joakim Bäckström of AltusWorks had the honor and pleasure to serve as tour guide of our great City for a visiting Swedish Professional Organization, SBR, whose members consists of architects and engineers involved with quality control within the building industry. He has done this numerous times in the past with Architectural Firms, and in October, the pilgrimage was made by SBR,  A total of about 25 people over the course of a long weekend, walked, toured, dined, and enjoyed what the City can offer.  The focus of the trip is of course construction and architecture with emphasis on late 1800’s, the birth of the Skyscraper and Chicago School style, Frank Lloyd Wright, Mies Van der Rohe, and much of the latest and greatest.  Joakim was born and raised in Sweden where he worked professionally which allows for deeper exchanges of thoughts and ideas on topics that often reach beyond architecture, its profession and its education. 

Another group came, saw and conquered, but a small part of, what Chicago can offer and the architecture that we so cherish. 

AltusWorks, Inc. posted this on 11/11/13 in Community Work.