Tour sheds light on Stone Production History

Recently, AltusWorks’ Christen Sundquist joined the Western Great Lakes Chapter of the Association of Preservation Technologies  for a tour of the Halquist Stone Quarry in Sussex, Wisconsin. The tour began with a lecture on Halquist’s 85 year architectural stone production history, followed by a tour of the quarry and production facilities. Due to its high quality properties, Lannon stone has been one of the predominately used materials for houses and churches throughout Milwaukee and Chicago since the 1850’s. The Halquist facility contains state-of-the-art machinery including an impressive 10’ diameter saw! Overall, it was a fascinating tour that gave a great overall understanding of the process of how this 19th century building material turns into a beautifully finished product.

AltusWorks, Inc. posted this on 10/7/14 in General News.