Pullman National Monument is Real – Now What?

Historic preservation, economic development, transit and the park experience were topics on the 300+ stakeholders’ minds during the Positioning Pullman Ideas Workshop sponsored by AIA Chicago and the National Park Conservation Association last weekend. How will the new Pullman National Monument’s presence affect the neighborhood and its residents and what about the impact of millions of visitors?

Ellen Stoner, Mara Braspenninx and Kelsey Shipton of AltusWorks were honored to be tapped as part of a group of historic preservation experts charged with sifting through energized stakeholders’ ideas. The team of experts then presented thoughtful, realistic options on how to program, reactivate and creatively interpret the intact, ruinous and missing historic features of this ground-breaking factory town of the late 1800’s.


AltusWorks, Inc. posted this on 4/22/15 in Community Work, Historic Preservation.