Swedes in Chicago

As a native Swede who worked in Stockholm professionally, AltusWorks’ Joakim Backstrom often has the pleasure to serve as tour guide of our great City for visiting Swedish A/E firms.  True to form, he recently greeted about 25 people from the Structor Group ( who were motivated to experience Chicago’s Architecture Biennial.

Although the group toured, dined, and certainly enjoyed the best of Chicago; the business focus was high-rise construction.  To this end, Joakim arranged tours of two of the city’s most cutting edge designs. At 150 North Riverside, the group observed the rising core and shell of a high-rise along the river that cantilevers active rail lines on two sides while 500 N. Lake Shore Drive showcased a recently finished high-rise that fostered further discussions of what the current luxury rental and condominium market can offer.

AltusWorks, Inc. posted this on 10/20/15 in Community Work.