Caricom Canada Free Trade Agreement

Q.1 What happened to the CARICOM-Canada Free Trade Agreement? one. In early 2008, CARICOM leaders agreed to advance the free trade agreement with Canada. Discussion on a free trade agreement between CARICOM and Canada was announced at the 2001 Canada-CARICOM Summit in Jamaica. Since then, exploratory talks have taken place as well as a constituent meeting of CARICOM and Canadian chief negotiators. Negotiations are expected to begin in June 2008. I propose that the UWI and the Canada/Caribbean Institute at Brock University and others, including the Sir Shridath Ramphal Centre of UWI and the Canadian Council for the Americas, convene a virtual discussion on the realities of CARICOM/Canada Trade and Investments at this time of COVID-19. Is it desirable and feasible to expand trade and investment between Canada and CARICOM member states? Q. 9 What information should the TTCSI collect from its consultation with members? a. Anything members consider necessary to gain a commercial advantage for Trinidad and Tobago`s service sector and/or its sub-sectors. However, the next point will serve as a starting point for our members to consult.

(i) Industry interest in Canada: Please list the service areas your association is interested in in Canadian markets. Please provide a brief justification. (ii) Interest in the sector in Trinidad and Tobago: please list the service areas that your association is interested in opening or limiting Canadian service providers. Please provide a brief justification. iii) Services market: please list all measures affecting access to Canadian service markets, including regulatory measures that may be restrictive, for example. B, since they may involve cross-border trade in services or the temporary entry of professionals. iv) Canadian Business Procedures: Please take a step-by-step look at the entire process your members must follow to provide their services in Canada. Please attach the required documents; (v) Barriers to investment: Please indicate whether you face any of the following barriers to investment in Canada and indicate individual restrictions – (a) restrictions on foreign ownership or market entry (b) regulatory transparency issues (c) performance requirements, such as local content. B; Use of local labour and/or services (d) Barriers to commercial activity with monopolies, state-owned enterprises or other government organizations (e) Other barriers Q. 5 What is the overall objective or trade policy of the TTCSI at this stage? one. The main objective of the TTCSI is to improve trade facilitation mechanisms; Increase the chances of business partnerships and improve our members` access to Canadian markets.

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