City Employee Confidentiality Agreement

“Every city employee has to check all the ethical rules and recognize that they checked when they first boarded – including the mayors, and that goes back at least to Koch,” says the former city official, who wanted to remain anonymous for fear of reprisals. [UPDATE / / 18:00] In a statement, Karen Hinton, the mayor`s press secretary, said, “The mayor`s office has not asked city employees to sign a confidentiality note that goes beyond what they signed when they were hired or when they left the administration.” I understand that I will have access to information to carry out my tasks in the city of Chattanooga (“city”). This information may include information about the city`s computer configurations, security settings, personnel, research and financial and business processes, but it is not limited to that. Some of this information is processed by law (z.B. health information protected under the Federal Health Insurance Portability and Liability Act) or by the city of Chattanooga guidelines. Confidential information may be in any form. B whether, for example, in writing, electronically, orally, ignored or noted. Access to all confidential information is granted on the basis of knowledge needs. A need for know-how is defined as access to the information necessary for my work. I will protect the privacy of all confidential information, including network system information on computer configurations and security settings, both in the city and after leaving the city.

All confidential information remains the property of the city of Chattanooga and should not be withdrawn or retained by me if I leave the city, unless authorized by city directives or specific agreements or agreements that apply to my work as an advisor, contractor or seller for the city. The former city official said they did not remember a single employee who was fired because he had passed information to a reporter. At a press conference on Thursday, the mayor of Blasio again suggested to reporters that the leak of the National Electoral Commission report, which prompted the investigation into his donation practices during the election campaign, was a political attack on him. The board employee, who leaked the report to a Daily News reporter and a Republican senate spokesman, had worked for 16 years as a Republican aide; the author of the report was appointed by Governor Cuomo.

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