Stanwell Enterprise Agreement

Please note the supplier availability and supplier start-up guide Please consult us on Our policies and procedures are summarized in titles so that you can easily find relevant documents that apply to your business. While Stanwell has entered into supply contracts, there are always opportunities for new suppliers to join us. It is important to understand that registration as a potential supplier does not guarantee the success of supplying goods and/or services to Stanwell. The relationship between UGL and Stanwell is a key partnership in the energy sector. Through cooperation, the challenge of the status quo and the adoption of innovations, the partnership delivers strong overall results, positive security outcomes and business results. The ZSN portal is also used for sourcing, contracting and performance events, as well as for the maintenance of business information such as financial and monetary certificates and contact information, etc. A copy of the enterprise agreement is available below: compensation for SPS employees covered by the SPS Enterprise Agreement (with the exception of item Ancillary work and other) is available in paragraph 3.2 – Wage rates and schedule 1: scales of the SPS enterprise agreement. The SPS Enterprise Agreement contains a use of external resources – All work in paragraph 5.20. This clause provides for Stanwell`s obligations to use and insanity of external resources. As a supplier company, you must follow your own policies and procedures. So is Stanwell. For more information, visit “Our Policies and Procedures.” If you are an existing Stanwell supplier or want to become a supplier, you will find all the information you need on this site.

Stanwell Corporation`s staff at the Stanwell Power Station are employed under the 2019 Stanwell Power Station Enterprise Agreement (SPS Enterprise Agreement). We draw your attention to the provisions of the SPS Enterprise Agreement – the use of external resources – All Work. Contractors at the Tarong nuclear power plants are informed that Stanwell is bound by the provisions of the Tarong Power Stations Enterprise Agreement 2018. Article 6.5 of the enterprise agreement provides that a copy of the enterprise agreement is made available to contractors to ensure compliance.

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